College Access, Affordability and Why I Chose A Fellowship With uAspire

My mother was very on top of my college application and financial aid processes. I didn’t have to do much more than log into my student portal and accept my financial aid package each year.

Today I realize just how fortunate I was to have this built-in mentor to guide me through the tedious, multi-step college application and financial aid processes.  I also realize that there are many students that may not have a parent, legal guardian, older sibling, friend, etc. to serve as their guide towards reaching postsecondary education.

I decided to work for uAspire because I want to help students with dreams of going to college, reach their goals. But as many, if not all Americans know, post-secondary education does not come cheap. Trying to find a way to make it affordable can be overwhelming, especially while juggling school work, applying to college, and other responsibilities. 

Working at uAspire provides me with the opportunity to meet and work with motivated, inspirational students, and help them find a way to make higher education is attainable. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and for the students I’m getting to meet along the way.

Students who put in the hard work and effort in school to go to college shouldn’t be stopped short because of high cost. I feel fortunate to be able to meet and work with seniors and learn about their dreams.  I am only part of their journey for a small fraction of time, but it is incredible to witness students take ownership and control of their futures and not let obstacles stop them from achieving their goals.

Allie Negron is the FAO Schwarz Marketing & Communications Fellow at uAspire. In this role, she spreads awareness about uAspire’s work and college affordability news. In the other half of her role, she serves as a College Affordability Advisor, where she works with Boston Public School students to guide them through every step of the financial aid process.