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Becoming a Fellowship Host

Nonprofit organizations are vital partners in the success of the FAO Schwarz Fellowship Program.

We work with leading organizations in Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia to design fellowship opportunities that build the capacity of our host organizations and prepare Fellows for leadership roles in the social impact sector.

The organizations we choose to host Fellowships are diverse (list here), but share some common features. They are successful nonprofits involved in direct service to their communities. They have a special commitment to young people and education, deliver measurable impact, are valued and respected in their cities, and can benefit from the Fellowship.  We’re particularly inspired by organizations that are addressing key societal issues related to inequity and social justice.

Application is by invitation only.

The Foundation seeks Hosts who can be partners with us in supporting the development of future change leaders with an exciting, immersive professional experience. At the same time, we look for hosts that can also use the Fellowship program to enhance their organization’s own reach and impact.

If your organization is invited to apply, the Fellowship’s Executive Director will send a Request for Proposal. Applications from organizations that have not been invited will not be considered.


After host have been selected, the Executive Director works with each host to finalize roles and responsibilities for each postion and to promote the Fellowship opportunity to qualified college seniors.

Host organizations provide and implement a plan for recruiting, and report regularly on their results. These efforts, in addition to the recruiting efforts undertaken by the Fellowship itself, combine to ensure that selected host organizations receive a diverse pool of highly qualified applicants for the Fellowship position.


Please see the Frequently Asked Questions of the website and select the Prospective Hosts tab.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The organization is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization located in New York City, Boston or Philadelphia or, if the organization is national, it operates in one of these cities.

  • There is a physical office where an FAO Schwarz Fellow can work with a Supervisor and colleagues several days a week. It must be easily accessible by public transportation in Boston, New York City or Philadelphia.

  • The host organization provides programming to youth (from birth through mid-20s) primarily from under-resourced communities and is committed to inclusion and to addressing social inequalities.

  • The mission and programs of the organization include one or more of the following: increasing access to educational opportunities and educational equity; addressing environmental justice and access; supporting equity in the arts; improving food security; or enhancing civic and community engagement.
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Timeline for Selection

Deadline for applications from prospective hosts.

The Foundation selects hosts organizations for the next cohort.

The Foundation amd the hosts publicly announce the new Fellowship opportunities. . 

The Foundation and the Host organizations promote the Fellowship positions through a variety of channels. Host organizations also work to recruit prospective Fellows through their own networks

Fellowship applications close.

Host organizations screen and review applicants and interview candidates, selecting semi-finalists and finalists for the Fellowship

Hosts onboard new Fellows.